Friday, 16 September 2011

A gift for a bride

Long time no see.. I've been a busy bee with work and then off to the USA for a friend's wedding, and so haven't had a chance, or the energy, to blog. However, my knitting needles have not been idle. 

I wanted to knit something for my friend that she could wear at her wedding, but given she was getting married in the US in summer a shawl seemed too warm. I settled on the idea of a cardigan that would be wedding suitable, but also suitable for everyday wear. The thought was that given a lot of the wedding was outdoors it might get cool in the evening, and an extra layer would be welcomed. As it happened it was quite balmy and warm all evening, so the cardigan was unnecessary, but the bride still seemed thrilled to have a nice new cardigan to wear.

After deciding that a cardigan was a good plan, and MUCH searching on Ravelry for what I wanted I settled on this; the whole-wheat cardigan by Alexandra Dafoe. 

Here are some shots of the cardigan pieces blocking:-

Obviously this was pre-sleeves...

Just so you can see the pattern more clearly.

I hope to have some photos of the recipient in the finished object but didn't get a chance while in the USA. It's ravelled here.