Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Finished objects!

So I have been busily knitting away, and failing spectacularly to document things as they get finished!.

First up a pair of monkeys that I've had done for a while...

These are in Regia Design Line Jazz Color by Erika Knight colourway 6455, and I'm very happy with them, they're comfy (wearing them right now) and colourful, and seem to be wearing well.

Next up... my summer holiday knitting.
This was started in May, on the plane to Lisbon, as my holiday knitting. Having been inspired by Yarn Harlot's version, which fits so well, and looks very smart, I decided my holiday knitting would be Lizette. Mine is knit in Rowan Wool Cotton, and is a little warm for the hot weather we've been having in England, but will be perfect for late summer/autumn I think. I have some fabric to make a skirt that should  go perfectly.

After taking Lizette with me wherever I went, I finally finished it, just after going to Lisbon again in June (don't ask.. it made sense I promise), and it fits perfectly.

 The pattern has lots and lots of clever shaping built-in, including short-rows at the bottom to make the top lie nicely, and more short rows under the bust, and then on the lace section (so there's actually room for your bust). The front is knitted in two pieces, top and bottom, and they are united by the i-cord tie, and knitted together.

I discovered that the i-cord looked much neater if I knit it together with the lower front using ssk not k2tog, it made it a little more fiddly, but prevented there being lots of holes gaping while wearing the top, so well worth the effort.

Other modifications included me knitting the size 31, as my gauge was different to what the pattern called for, and the yarn looked stupid at pattern gauge. After much calculating (while on the bus to the airport for the first trip to Lisbon) I worked out that the size should be perfect with my gauge and the 31 instructions. Seems to have worked...

For further details, my Lizette is ravelled here.