Thursday, 19 January 2012

Long time no post...

Happy new year!
Just a quick post to say that though i've been absent from the blogosphere, I haven't been as idle on the knitting front!

I hope to be back to posting a bit more frequently and to show you the mittens i've been busy knitting... the Lauriel cardigan that's nearly done, amongst a bunch of other projects! I need to take some pictures first though, so please bear with me!

Sock club 2011 wasn't a great success.. it turns out that i'm a bit too busy to knit a pair of socks each month and have time for work and other knitting. I did end up with about 6 pairs though, so still not bad going! I don't think i'll repeat the experiment this year, though I do plan to knit more socks for myself, and now I have some of these which might make my sock knitting a little quicker, as there's no changing needles, or adjusting the cable when doing magic loop. We'll see how they go!

Anyhow, A happy and healthy new(ish) year to all, and hopefully i'll have some pictures of FOs to show soon!