Monday, 14 March 2011

February sock club - the finished article(s)

I'm happy to say that February's "emergency" socks were finished well within time, and their new owner is very happy with them. Here are his feet enjoying their new stripy coverings:-

Peculiarly, though the socks did not start out the same at the toe, and the same number of stitches were used for each sock, they ended up almost matching by the cuff! Some strange magic of the heel I guess..

I think next time I do stripy, or patterned socks I will give the afterthought heel a try.

March's socks are now underway (though going slowly, as I have a big project on the needles at the moment - to be revealed soon). I'm afraid I can't show you March's sock progress, as the socks are a present so must be kept secret, but once they have been handed over to their new owner all will be revealed. All I'll say for now is that they should be Legen... wait for it....

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