Friday, 18 February 2011

January sock-club

So for January's sock club I chose a pattern from the lovely book Knit.Sock.Love. by Cookie A that my brother got me for Christmas. I chose Pointelle as my first project, after much thought over a drink at knit-night. The socks are ravelled here. I followed the pattern as written, even down to needle size. Luckily so far all of CookieA's socks i've been able to just pick up the needles she suggests and get knitting.

The socks are mirrored so the pattern twirls its way up each leg in the opposite direction. The beautiful lace in the pattern is somewhat lost in my yarn choice. I had this Araucania Ranco in my stash and had been waiting to use it for something. I enjoyed playing with my shiny new ball winder that i'd got for Christmas to turn it into a nice cake of yarn.

I enjoyed this pattern so much that I will probably knit it again but in a solid primary colour where all the pattern of the sock will show up much more clearly. See here for how much clearer the pattern is when a solid colour is used.

CookieA's socks are always so well thought out, and I love the way that the ribbing for the cuff flows seamlessly into the main pattern of the sock (not shown well in my photos). The diagonal line pattern even continues onto the heel flap, blending this seamlessly in with the leg of the sock. Expect to see a lot of Cookie's patterns in future months!

I hope to become more adept at sock photography (and knitting photography in general), in fact i'll need to if i'm going to post about all of the socks in my self-imposed sock-club.. I wonder whether my SADlight would be good for removing the need for flash photos?

I'll post about February's sock exploits very soon, and all the other crafty things that have been going on.

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