Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Special Shawl - Part II

I said previously that I had of course finished my wedding shawl, so here are some pictures. I loved knitting this pattern, and think i'll be doing a lot more lace. It's ravelled here

Here it is unblocked.

Here it is blocking on our spare bed, and yes that's a double bed the shawl is stretched over!
I used this method to block, as I have no blocking wires. I just used some spare laceweight yarn in a contrast colour run through the top of the shawl.

Here's a detail shot...

After its first blocking, the shawl sprang back quite a lot, but a lot of people had said that might happen, and so I left my blocking line in place. 

I gave the shawl a second bath.. and pinned it out again. I left it pinned out for several days and this time it seemed not to spring back so much when I released it.

The shawl got packed up safe and sound in some tissue paper, ready for the big day.

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