Friday, 24 June 2011

Crafty Prizes!

A while back my lovely new husband ran a Warmachine and Hordes tier tournament and he asked me if I would be kind enough to make prizes for the overall winner, and the winner of best painted army. I had made him a couple of Warmachine related t-shirts before (see here for an example) and this is what he wanted me to do. After the tournament I spoke to the happy winners about what they wanted to have on a t-shirt and one wanted a Bronzeback Titan, and the other wanted Ashlynn, a warcaster from the mercenaries. Neither looked simple, but I set about making stencils...

I traced both of the pictures, but it was still a struggle to get that much detail into the stencils!!

Once I'd cut the stencils out, I set about very carefully ironing them onto the t-shirts.


Then the painting, with my most adventurous colour schemes yet. This was done in stages with me waiting for a colour to dry before painting the adjacent colour.

I know, I know, I can't even keep within the lines!!

After leaving my somewhat messy looking t-shirts to dry overnight, they were ironed to fix the paint, and the stencils were very slowly peeled off. Chris helped with this bit, until he got too frustrated at the metallic paints sticking the paper down..

Oh good, I didn't need to stay in the lines :) Pretty convincing pictures eh?

At the UK Warmachine masters tournament (at the UK games expo in Birmingham) Chris handed the t-shirts over to their new owners. A couple of happy customers i'd say!

I hope you like my handiwork. I'm very happy that the recipients seem to! 

I will have some new knitting to report soon, but haven't had much time to do any recently. June's socks are progressing, but slowly, and won't be reportable, as they're going to be a present! This may happen for several of the socks for the coming months, as they're handy pressies :) I'm hoping that soon I'll have a bunch of knitting time, as I'll be away for a week at a collaborators lab, and so might have time in the evenings with not a lot else to do...

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  1. I love the freezer paper stencils - I can't believe you tried such complicated motifs. Makes me a lot more confident about eventually trying a ninja Stewie for husband.