Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How exciting!!

So Lien in our knitting group (Oxford Bluestockings) organised for us to be in the gallery section of The Knitter. This involved us sending off projects and headshots with a small blurb about what we'd knitted, did we like the pattern, what yarn we used and so on. I was very excited when in this month's edition there was my wedding shawl!

See Lien's post here for a peek at our projects, and pick up a copy of issue 34 of The Knitter if you want to see the pictures properly :)

On Sunday I was at knitnation taking Franklin Habit's Lace Edgings: before, during and after. The class was my first knitting class and it was great fun and very informative, I think you'll be seeing decorative lace edgings on a lot of things I make! Including a new lace top i've finished and will post about soon. Knitnation was great fun, although I was slightly disappointed that the marketplace was quite so yarn heavy (as i'm not buying any at the moment) and few stalls had much to offer other than yarn. I was in the market for a variety of knitting accessories, such as needles, dye and row counters, but there was very little choice (in some cases there was one option). Had I been buying yarn I would have been a happy bunny though and probably would have bought some Habu as it looked very exciting, though not as much as Mikal!!!!

I'm in Germany right now for a collaboration, but therefore have a bit more knitting time, so am finally making headway on both June and July's socks. I'll pop a picture of July's socks up soon. Sorry for the lack of piccies in today's post!

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