Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tiny Cardigan, and Big Jumper

I've been working on a jumper for my lovely husband, but it's big and so slow growing.. I'm about halfway to the point where i'll add armholes, so making progress. Here's a sneak peek:-

To break the monotony of the jumper, and to make a pressie for a friend with a baby, I completely copied Liz and made the Drops Baby Cardigan with Short Raglan Sleeves, but in the 6-9 month size.

I used some yarn that was leftover after a complete online shopping fail. I'd ordered 6 balls of wool for a jumper for myself, and it arrived in two batches. This should have warned me of what was about to happen, but I was new to all things wooly, and so began crocheting my jumper... A week or so later the other half of my yarn showed up and was, although the same colourway, an entirely different colour and texture, and made in an entirely different country! When I contacted the seller about this and the fact she had sent me stuff from two dye lots, she insisted she'd done nothing wrong (even though what she'd sold me was unfit for the purpose it was bought for) and would only refund unused balls. Therefore I had two balls left, and an entirely unsatisfactory shopping experience.

Two balls however, were plenty for a diddy cardigan for a diddy person, and here is said cardigan blocking to counteract the fact I rewound the crocheted yarn without soaking it first (so my stitches were v wonky). The cardigan is ravelled here.

I dropped off the finished object (with added buttons) this weekend, but the recipient was out, hopefully it'll a) fit and b) be liked! I however, really enjoyed knitting such a quick garment and the little bit of lace was a welcome break from cabling... I think more baby garments will be making it onto my "to knit" list, at least partly as people I know keep having babies!

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