Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kitchen! and garden

So we do now have a functional kitchen!! the process of getting there wasn't pleasant but the end product (bar a few niggles, and needing to do tiling etc) is good.

I think my favourite thing (aside from the fact we now have a decent sized kitchen with sensible work-space) is our new hob. It's an induction hob, and aside from a couple of times when we've put pans on to warm up and then realised they're not magnetic, it has been fantastic. It can heat a pan of water in about a minute! and so far seems just as controllable as gas, but without the whole flame aspect.. Induction hobs are also the most efficient, as they induce the pan to heat up, but the hob itself doesn't heat up (except heat that transfers back from the pan) and so heat isn't lost so much. This has the added bonus of meaning you don't get boiling hot while slaving over the (not hot) stove!

Below are some pictures of the kitchen in its new shinier state..

 Baking in progress...

 The product baking in the new oven..

 The magic induction hob!

 A monkey enjoying the new worktop.. and thinking how nice it would be to have a bath in the new sink..

Obviously we will tile and decorate at some point, but not right now :) a little too much to be thinking of..

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