Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I had the good fortune to attend the 6th UK-Japan Cell-cycle workshop last week, which was held near Ambleside by Lake Windermere.

We were graced with lovely weather for a lot of the time, including our afternoon off, and it was really a lovely setting for the conference.

 This was my room for the duration of the meeting - swanky ne?

And this little guy/gal was sat on my bed awaiting my arrival - quite an apt cuddly toy to be waiting to greet a knitter! In the hotel where the conference was actually taking place people had cuddly sheep-dogs on their beds - it seems to be a lake district thing to have cuddly toys to play with?!

On our afternoon off, a lot of people went off on a boat trip around the lake, but I felt the need for some exercise as we'd been sat listening to talks from 8.30 am to 10 pm each day! Several of us grouped up and headed up to the Skeghyll woods for a bit of a hike. The 3 or 4 miles of walking was very invigorating, especially with views like these:-

 Wild garlic growing alongside the paths. It was everywhere!

A nice view looking down the lake.

Some of the sheep we encountered on the way..

They seemed resistant to me wandering over and pinching a bit of their fleece. Wonder why?


  1. Ha! I found your blog. Cute sheep.

  2. It wasn't hidden as far as I knew :D
    The sheep were mega-cute, though one of them looked like a reverse "no-face" from spirited away, which was a bit freaky.. it hid every time I tried to take a picture though